Originally from Glasgow, Lisa now lives in Pembrokeshire west Wales where the midges are "less ferocious".
Lisa works as Communications Officer at Mindfulness Association Head Quarters. With a BAHons in Graphic Design, Lisa has worked freelance as a designer working in many media over the years, from leaflet and brochure design, designing illustrative town and village maps, to training to work creatively with children and adults with Community Arts group Arts Alive in Crickhowell, and more recently with older members of the community mainly on collaborative textile projects.
Her first visit to Samye Ling in 1992 was to spark a journey into Buddhist teachings which created a strong connection with Samye Ling. In 1994 she took the first year's Mindfulness & Compassion course which has led to her now studying on the Msc Mindfulness Studies Course run by the University of Aberdeen, where she researching the place of mindfulness in the delivery and practice of the creative arts

Tracy is a Mindfulness & Compassion teacher and also a Macmillan Nurse, specialising in haematology cancers within the NHS. Qualifying as a nurse over 25 years ago her long-term goal was to be a Macmillan nurse.  Tracy achieved that dream 19 years ago and now she has another, to share the miracle of mindfulness with as many people as she can. To this end she embarked on the University of Aberdeen’s MSc in Mindfulness Studies in September 2013 and in January 2015 successfully completed the Mindfulness Associations (MA) teacher training.

Alan Hughes became interested in Buddhism, and started meditating, in his late teens. In the 1990s, he started practicing within the Tibetan tradition, and eventually started attending courses and retreats with Rob Nairn, whenever he was in the UK. This naturally led him to become involved with the Mindfulness Association, and to do the MSc course at Aberdeen University.
In 2011, Alan gave up his job as a marine biologist to deepen his interest in Buddhism and meditation, and worked as a full-time volunteer at Kagyu Samye Dzong London for five years. He now focuses on teaching mindfulness, and works two days a week helping with admin for the Mindfulness Association.